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Of course, as a smoker for years I was mainly interested in the different strains around the world. But the moment I have dealt with this topic more closely, I wanted to know what positive side effects weed brings. Which varieties help against which diseases & symptoms. And does weed really makes you addicted?
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Kubbie Kush

Kubbie Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by the masters at Cresco Labs. With two potent and widely…
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Ethos Cookies

Ethos Cookies, the original, was created by Ethos Genetics when they crossed Mandarin Cookies #17 with Colin OG…
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Cannalope Haze

Cannalope Haze marijuana strain aka Cantaloupe Haze or Cannalope Haze Premium is 95% Sativa dominant hybrid, bred by…
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Gelato Sorbet

Gelato #33 and Sorbet come together to create Gelato Sorbet (also known as Sherbet Gelato). It gives a…
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The New

The New, descended from the famous Girl Scout Cookies (Sherbs cut) and a selected Larry OG, is our…
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Amnesia Kush

If two of the greatest marijuana meccas, California and Holland, decided to merge, the result would be this…
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Lip Smacker

Lip Smacker earns its name with an unmistakable fruity yet deep aroma that notes light berry, citrus and…
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The Didgeribong

Imagine a pleasant woody taste meets the sweet smell of beeswax. A natural, tasteful smoking experience is guaranteed here. Of course we have to take a closer look at that beauty - The Didgeribong from Germany!
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Euphoria cannabis strain by Dutch Passion is a 50/50 Sativa with a THC range of 15-20% and a…
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Frankfurt trains Cannabis Doctors

Frankfurt Begins A Training Program For Cannabis Doctors. The German city is piloting a new, national training program for cannabis doctors in the hopes that more patients will get access to the drug via legal means.
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