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I am a European-based writer and gamer who deals with cannabis and the environment. I've been tracking the marijuana development around the world for years now. With my experience I try to put the advantages of this plant in the right light in order to deliver the benefits of this medicinal plant to all interested parties.
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Cannabis Infused Bear Candies

Learn how to make Weed Gummies easily using Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil and your oven. We had much better results keeping the heat on low the whole time and mixing it well until all the sugar was dissolved.
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Indica vs. Sativa: What’s the difference?

This belief that indicas, sativas, and hybrids deliver distinct effects is so deeply rooted in mainstream cannabis culture that budtenders typically begin their strain recommendations by asking you which of these three types you prefer.
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Cultiva Hemp-Expo Vienna

At the Cultiva in Vienna/Vösendorf the visitor gets information about the useful and medical plant hemp. Previously only…
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