Amazing Haze

Amazing Haze. Crossbreeding Amsterdam’s most popular strain with the avalanche of flavour contained in Caramella genetics has given rise to an elite sativa hybrid able to measure up to any rival.

The aroma and flavour contained in this Amazing strain are overwhelming: an effervescent and rich sweetness marked by instantly recognisable touches of caramel. With every heavy cloud of fumes you exhale, your palate will relish the touch of a deliciously sweet hallmark bouquet



This strain will most certainly reward your patience, as few other strains can deliver a flavour explosion that compares to this Amazing haze. This makes for a final product that will put all of your senses to the test!

Parents: Caramella x Amnesia Haze

This sativa-dominant hybrid will yield huge and loaded buds in a 10- to 12-week timeframe, each crammed with unbelievable loads of THC crystals.

Get ready for an explosion for your senses: the rich sweetness of her smoke, made of layers of fruity notes and refreshing citrus tones, will be tickling your taste buds accompanied by the very-recognizable touches of caramel. Amsterdam Genetics took the popular coffee shop favourite Amnesia Haze and gave her the avalanche of flavours contained in the Caramella. The result is a world-class sativa-dominant hybrid that delights your senses with out-of-this-world rich sweetness and a powerful stimulating and uplifting effect.
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