Euphoria cannabis strain by Dutch Passion is a 50/50 Sativa with a THC range of 15-20% and a high CBD average of 9%. It is flowery and sweet with notes of skunk, but less skunky than its parents. Euphoria has won 2nd place at 2000’s High Times Cannabis Cup and two years later, at Best Seeds Highlife Cup. It can treat chronic pain, anxiety disorders, depression, severe stress, and nausea. Best for daytime usage.



Euphoria’s high may be too hyperactive for some, but can really help with social anxiety and well-being within users. Its upbeat effects are perfect for making the body more active and prepping you for a party.
Breeder: Dutch Passion Genetics: Euphoria cannabis strain is a descendent of skunk strains from the early 2000s.
Euphoria was bred from Skunk strains in the early 2000s by Amsterdam’s Dutch Passion seed company. Once out, this strain began to collect awards including 2nd Place in the sativa category at the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup and a Best Seeds HighLife Cup in 2002. Euphoria may have Skunk parents, but the aroma is sweeter and more floral than skunky. Effects of this strain are upbeat and social overall, so much so that it might be too energetic for some users, especially if sleep is the goal. Great for social anxiety, this strain performs just as expected and promotes a sense of well-being.
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  1. Good for euphoric feeling
    This gave me the euphoric feeling along with creativity and the energy to do stuff. Helps with suppression of the munchies. Better if you grind it and do a one hitter. Tends to last longer than most I’ve tried. Anxiety level is way lower and I can actually have a conversation without getting stuck. As for pain…it does help. Taking a piece of medicinal chocolate heightens the body high to relax more and no pain for at least 5 hours. Using a vaporizer is way better. The taste is unspeakable…like a starburst in your mouth.

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