Importance of humidity control

That’s why it’s so important to maintain correct humidity levels inside your cannabis containers.

If you found your best way to store your cannabis, relative humidity is a much bigger deal than most cannabis enthusiasts give it credit for. Keeping the moisture in your bud at the perfect level affects everything from the flavor and aroma of your weed, all the way to the effects it elicits, and even how well it stores over time. Neglecting this critical aspect can have dire consequences for your prized flower, and will seriously impact your resulting rosin’s quality. That’s why it’s so important to maintain correct humidity levels inside your cannabis containers, and also why Boveda Packs are the answer to all of your humidity woes.

What is relative humidity?

Humidity is simply the measure of how much moisture there is in the air, and relative humidity (RH) represents the percentage of moisture in the air relative to the maximum amount of moisture the air can hold. For example, at 100 percent RH the air becomes completely saturated with moisture to the point that it cannot hold any more as a vapor, which means any excess moisture will condense into a liquid. This is known as the dew point, and is what happens when water droplets form on plants in the morning. Every environment will have a certain level of humidity, and when it comes to cannabis, there’s a sweet spot that flower just loves.

The importance of humidity control

If your flower is submitted to too much moisture, then you run the risk of mold growing on your precious bud. That’s why we have always tried to keep our flower dry, but conversely, too little moisture can be just as bad. Moisture plays a pivotal role in protecting volatile cannabis terpenes by creating a barrier that keeps them away from contact with the air. Without this “moisture jacket” cannabis will begin to degrade at a rapid rate. 

So just like Goldilocks, we don’t want our cannabis to be too wet or too dry. But what is the humidity sweet spot for cannabis? Well, the good folks at Boveda enlisted a 3rd party laboratory to run the science and find the answer, and after extensive testing, they determined that a relative humidity level of 59 to 63 percent provides the most stable environment for cannabis, with 62 percent seen as absolute perfection.

Boveda packs to the rescure

Ok, so we’ve convinced you that humidity control is important, but how do you maintain that optimal moisture level? Traditionally we would keep cannabis flower in a glass container, and intermittently “burp” it by opening it up for a short period of time to release excess moisture, while keeping track of humidity levels with a hygrometer. 

But this method becomes a constant balancing act and a full time job in itself. Constantly having to monitor and adjust humidity levels is a real pain, and that’s why Boveda has come up with a much more elegant and foolproof solution.

Boveda created natural salt packs that can be easily popped into a container along with your flower to maintain that perfect 62 percent relative humidity level effortlessly. Boveda packs do this by providing two-way humidity control, which means if your cannabis is on the wet side, the Boveda pack will draw out the excess, and if your flower is too dry, it will re-introduce the needed amount of moisture back into your bud. 

Best of all you don’t have to do anything at all. No need for a hygrometer, constant monitoring or adjustments, just pop a Boveda pack in with your bud, and the salts will do the rest.

Don’t overlook relative humidity

Relative humidity can be a passing concern for far too many cannabis enthusiasts, but not if you’re planning on pressing those flowers into rosin. Relative humidity can make or break a pressing, plus moisture is critical for keeping your bud in the best condition possible. So, maintaining a humidity level of 62 will ensure your bud stays at its best for the longest time possible.

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