Since I have been dealing with cannabis for a long time both privately and professionally, I have now decided to share my knowledge with you. How does marijuana affect our body, I'll take a closer look at it for you and tell you about my stories as a cannabis influencer.

Treating Animals with CBD

Can you treat animals with CBD? Animals react to cannabinoids, just like humans. They suffer from symptoms like anxiety, pain and depression just like we do. You could try to alleviate these conditions by treating your pet with CBD. Although animals can be unwell for a wide diversity of reasons, this article explains when CBD […]

Medicine News

Cannabis may reduce opioid use for patients

A new study lends more support to the notion that medical marijuana could help curtail opioid dependency. The research, published last month in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, found “behavioral economic evidence that cannabis access may modestly reduce demand for opioids in persons who have pain.” The team of researchers used an online survey to assess […]


Unibong Review

Yesterday we received this funny goodie from Hanfoase. A portable bong, awesome lets do a review. In the beginning there was the bottle bong … and nowadays it is made with the practical ‘Uni-Bong’ bottle attachment:Simply fill a commercially available surface with a screw cap with water or liquid of your choice, screw on the […]

Concentrates Reviews

GreenlightVapes Mini G9

Greenlightvapes classic mini E-Nail comes out of China’s biggest e-cig manufacturing sector, Shenzhen City. For the past few years, G9 has been making an influential mark on the world of desktop, portable, and enail vaporizers. Not only is G9 the first company to create a portable enail, but they continue to develop new electronic heating […]