The rise of contaminated weed

Vice explore "the dangerous rise of contaminated weed" in germany and around europe. It's really shocking what they have discovered.

VICE are back with the latest instalment to their High Society documentary series, looking at “The Dangerous Rise of Contaminated Weed”.

All over europe we now come across more and more often with contaminated cannabis. What is it exactly? Who can do it and what do you do it for? After a research on the internet we found this documentary in german.

The latest 15 minute documentary follows a German weed dealer referred to as “Banks” through his process of distrubution of weed, earning tens of thousands of cash every month selling weed to dealers in a small town in central Germany.

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They take a deep dive into the morality of his business due to the rise in synthetic cannabinoids that are extremely potent and addictive. Check out “The Dangerous Rise of Contaminated Weed” next to this article.

Vice is a Canadian-American magazine focused on lifestyle, arts, culture, and news/politics.

Founded in 1994 in Montreal as an alternative punk magazine

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