GreenlightVapes Mini G9

We took a closer look at the mini enail for you.

Greenlightvapes classic mini E-Nail comes out of China’s biggest e-cig manufacturing sector, Shenzhen City. For the past few years, G9 has been making an influential mark on the world of desktop, portable, and enail vaporizers.

Not only is G9 the first company to create a portable enail, but they continue to develop new electronic heating technologies, implemented through fashionable, well-constructed devices.

The process of dabbing may seem a bit more daunting to beginners than vaping (I certainly count myself in that category), but it doesn’t take long to see how hitting a dab is preferable to the concentrate vaping process, which doesn’t preserve the taste or potency quite as well.


The package arrived well packaged and without damage to us. The processing seems to be good at first glance, but a closer look reveals one or two points.

The case of the controller is well produced but it is a bit sharp-edged and has very little weight, which means that you very often cut yourself at the corners and edges. Because of its low weight, the controller slides back and forth a little when the connection cable moves. This is not a bad thing, but should still be mentioned.


The G9 classic mini e-nail is a plug-and-play smart PID controller. It is for controlling the hot runner coli heater. This controller is professionally built with XMT-7100 PID and tuned. The Mini e-nail will heat from room temperature to max 1300°F (approx. 700°C) within 1 to 2 minutes with almost no temperature overshot. The 10mm diameter coil is a flat coil, while 16mm and 20mm coils are barrel shaped coils. The coil is rated as 100W under 110VAC. The cable is 5 feet long with a black Kevlar Fire retardant sleeve. The universal nail is made of grade 2 titanium. It has 4 disassembled pieces, which can be configured into a male nail or female nail. This makes it a 4 in 1 fitment nail to fit most all rigs.

Kit includes

  • 1x G9 classic mini e-nail temperature control box with digital screen
  • 1x Adjustable titanium nail – 4 in 1 fits most rigs- 10mm/14mm/18mm male and female
  • 1x 6 ft. removable power cable
  • 1x 5 ft. long heating coil cord featuring a non-flammable Kevlar sheath
  • 1x Titanium carb cap with removable dab tool
  • 1x Product box.
   Our pick

  G9 Mini E-Nail

The Classic Mini Enail is a revolutionary device for every series vaper. It allows you to control over tempreture precisely your nail,which means you can enjoy a more flavoursome, healthier vapour than ever possible before.

When ordering, you can choose between the different power cables.

Our conclusion

The e-nail mini by Greenlightvapes is a very good entry-level dabbing nail for beginners. The temperature range is more than sufficient for beginners. The somewhat cheaper processing alone lets us deduct one point. Apart from that, we can recommend this device.

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