Hi/Lo Smoking Club

This high concept cannabis café looks more like a design museum than a weed haven, with modular white angles and steel and glass accents. The Hi/Lo Club in Utrecht, Netherlands was created to depict the various states of getting stoned. We are hoping the US catches up to the design savvy Dutch when it comes to smoke culture/couture.  The design studio behind the café, Workshop of Wonders, explains that their vision was to develop a contemporary high-end hospitality space where “one smokes weed and hash in a context of security and comfort using elements that make reference to an Arabic atmosphere.” They decided to depict that environment by splitting the two-story club into the themes of heaven and hell.

Customer focus

OK 50%
Rather expensive 50%
Good public access 75%
Helpful 50%

My opinion

Hi / Lo saved us in Utrecht! Far and wide, no coffee shop near the train station. After 20 minutes walk we finally arrived at the shop. Very modern but looks a bit to cold and a very impersonally.

Location Information

Croeselaan 213, 3521 BN Utrecht, Niederlande

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