Unibong Review

Yesterday we received this funny goodie from Hanfoase. A portable bong, awesome lets do a review.

In the beginning there was the bottle bong … and nowadays it is made with the practical ‘Uni-Bong’ bottle attachment:
Simply fill a commercially available surface with a screw cap with water or liquid of your choice, screw on the Uni-Bong adapter, Insert the glass hillum, fill it and the clock strikes 4:20! If you like it, you can of course also put a kicklock in the bottle!

Easily turn an old plastic bottle into a bong!

This simple and ingenious, portable bong maker is the perfect piece of smoking equipment to take with you to a festival or party. The bong maker consists of a plastic mouthpiece connected to threaded bottle adaptor that easily screws onto any standard plastic bottle. You will also receive a clear glass downstem with an attached herb bowl that fits into the bong makers hole to bring this piece together. Once you have attached the bong maker to partially filled plastic bottle, you can fire up your favorite dry herb or tobacco mix and enjoy the filtered hits. The mouthpiece is decorated with a colored UNI-BONG logo and the whole piece can be slipped into a bag or rucksack for easy transport. A carb hole can be easily made in the plastic bottle, if preferred, for extra control of your hits. This clever plastic Uni-Bong Maker is available in a selection of different colors. Please select from the available color options in the drop down menu when you place your order. This portable bong maker makes a great gift and is available to order online today, while stocks lasts, at the number one online head shop Grasscity.com. Check out this video for more info and a demonstration on this Uni-Bong Maker!

Our conclusion

I have to say that I was enthusiastic about the product at the beginning. For on the go or just at hand: the thing does what it promises. For the optimization I recommend a sieve as an insert for the glass funnel so that the tube cannot become blocked. This is not part of the product range!
   Our pick


Uni Bong Maker – The handy solution for on the go, whether at the lake, at the festival or simply while barbecuing with friends – the bong is always at hand! Only a standard bottle is required.

Materials: plastic, borosilicate glass (shillum/head)
2-piece set

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