Store Cannabis Concentrates

Different ways to properly store cannabis concentrates.

Learning how to properly store cannabis concentrates will preserve the flavor and potency of your favorite extracts for months.

It is easier to preserve the quality of cannabis extracts than flowers. Especially when you learn how to properly store cannabis concentrates. To store weed for extended periods of time you need to keep light, air, moisture and heat away. You can assume the same about extracts. However, the way you store them still differs. We’ll go over all the information you need to learn how to properly store cannabis concentrates.

Containers For Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates can’t be stored just anywhere. Some consistencies of concentrate are not meant to be stored in glass jars. For example, most shatter will get stuck to the glass. Then, it will be extremely difficult to get it all out. You’ll need a nectar collector to use up all the shatter that ends up stuck in the jar. On the other hand, consistencies like live resin sauce or budder are easier to scoop out of small glass jars.

The ideal environmental conditions to properly store cannabis concentrates is about the same for all consistencies. However, the best storage containers will vary based on the consistency of the extract. These are the various containers that are commonly used to store cannabis concentrates:

Silicone Jar

How To Properly Store Cannabis Concentrates


A silicone is one of the most versatile containers for storing cannabis concentrates because you can easily get any consistency on and off of it. You’ll want to make sure it is made of medical grade silicone to ensure your concentrates remain sanitary and uncontaminated.

Even though they’re convenient, silicone jars are better for short-term storage. If you’re gonna be done with the wax in about a week it should be fine. However, silicone jars aren’t air-tight so you can’t count on them to preserve the quality of your extracts for long.

Parchment Paper

How To Properly Store Cannabis Concentrates


Parchment paper alone is ideal for short-term storage of a few extract consistencies like shatter. It’s also used to make dabs at home using the rosin technique. Cut just enough for the amount of concentrate you have and make sure it’s folded up to keep the extract away from outside elements.

You’ll want to put anything that you don’t want being squished like crumble in a container with more space. To avoid anything leaking off of the paper, use a different container for sauce, distillates and any other runny concentrates.

For short-term storage, you’ll just need to keep the parchment in a cool and dark place. For anything longer, you’ll want to make sure the parchment is sealed in something completely safe from outside air, moisture and light. Then, you can just leave it in a cool dark place.


With a few extra steps, you can use parchment paper for medium-term storage or longer. If you only need to store your concentrates for a few weeks, you can put a concentrate-filled parchment paper in a sealed food bag. Then, store it in an airtight container placed in a cool, dark place.


How To Properly Store Cannabis Concentrates

For people in hot areas with no cool dark place, you can use a refrigerator or freezer for long-term storage. You’ll need your extracts to be stored in parchment or a glass jar. Then, vacuum-sealed to ensure no humidity contaminates your extracts.

If you don’t have a vacuum sealer or enough concentrate to warrant one, you can use other precautions. Put the parchment or jar in a sealed bag and then put that sealed bag in an airtight container. Preferably one that removes the excess air when you seal it off.

When you pull it out you have to let it reach room temperature before cutting the seal. Cutting the seal or opening an airtight container immediately can let some of the moisture condensing off of the container into the extract. Then, you’ll hear sizzling from the water in your extract the next time you go for a dab. If it was a large quantity you pulled out, you’ll be hearing those sizzles for a while.

Glass Jar

How To Properly Store Cannabis Concentrates

This can be anything from a small glass jar with a plastic twist top to a mason jar depending on how much concentrates you have. It’s best to use the smallest container possible so there’s no extra space for air.

Glass containers are better for oleoresins that can be scooped right off of the glass. Glass jars with plastic twist-off caps are filled with budder, crumble, sauce, sugars, THCa crystalline and other concentrates that don’t stick aggressively to glass jars. For long-term storage, the jars can be vacuum seal and stored in a cool, dark place.

Plastic Jars

How To Properly Store Cannabis Concentrates

Plastic jars are another short-term storage option for certain consistencies of hash oil. We don’t recommend storing your concentrates in plastic jars because stickier concentrates and shatters will stick to the point where it’s near impossible to get it all off. These containers come with certain crumbles and other BHO at dispensaries. So either move your concentrates to another container or plan to finish them as soon as possible.

Final Hit: How To Properly Store Cannabis Concentrates

Now you know plenty of different ways to properly store cannabis concentrates. However, the best method will depend on how long you intend to store it for and the consistency of the concentrate. Keep the shatters on parchment in a small sealed bag and the saucier stuff in jars.

For a short-term stash, you’re using during the week a cool and dark place like a drawer in a place that stays at room temperature is fine. However, over time your extracts will be continuously exposed to elements that can deteriorate the aroma, potency and weight.

If you’re not planning to use your concentrates within a week you’ll have to take some of the extra precautions mentioned above like acquiring an air-tight container or vacuum-sealer. If you have a consistently cool, dark place you can leave the sealed-off extracts there for months. Otherwise, you may need to utilize the refrigerator or freezer.

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