How to select your Rosin Bag

It is important to know that different plant materials should be packed differently.

A Rosin Bag is a sewn bag that is usually made of nylon mesh. These meshes are available in different sizes and serve as filters when extracting concentrates. We see a lot of people out there having trouble or just simply confused on how to use rosin press bags correctly. So we came up with a simple guide on how to squish plant material with ease. Depending on the type of starting material and the end product to be achieved, different mesh sizes are ideal. Similar to coffee filters, the respective dimensions are given in micrometers or μ (micron). The Rosin Bags can be cut to different sizes as required. Most Bags are delivered flat in the package and must be turned upside down by the user so that they ultimately take the form of a pillow.

When this has been done, the material to be pressed should be packed in the respective filter bag. It is important to ensure that the bag is folded or closed on the wheel so that nothing can flow out of the bag during pressing. Many thanks to ogcrush who made the bags available for our tests and this review.

Understand micrometers

A micrometer (formerly called micron) is a unit of measurement that corresponds to the millionth of a meter. The cross section of a human hair is about 50μ, which is just on the border of the visible for the human eye. We cannot recognize things smaller than 40μ without a microscope. 

In addition to the quality of the material itself, the press and the temperature, it is also very important to use the right press bags. The size of the bag plays a big role. The smaller the micron, the less yield you will achieve. And vice versa.

Type of Plant Material

It is important to know that different plant materials should be packed differently! The first question should be, what do I want to press. In which quality and how much yield can I get.

Flower or Trim (90μ / 120μ / 160μ)

Packing flower material into rosin bags is a fairly simple process. Make sure you don’t grind up your plant material. Doing this will lose those precious flavors! It is recommended to use the whole flower! Start off by pushing the flower to the bottom end of the bag. Then, follow up by continuing to fill the bag with the flower until it is filled. The rosin bag should NOT be overpacked or super tight because this may cause blowouts. Even for how strong our bags are. Next, we recommend pushing down on the bag with the flower plant material inside so it is hand squished. With any excess bag material there is, you’re going to want to cut that off. This prevents your beautiful rosin getting stuck inside the excess bag nylon.

Dry Sift, Hash, Bubble Hash, Kief (25μ / 37μ / 72μ)

Packing more delicate and finer material such as hash or dry sift material is just a tad different process. It is recommended to use a small funnel to place finer material inside your rosin press bag. Simply fill up the bag with your material until it is full with about half an inch of rosin bag material being empty. Make sure it is evenly spread out in the rosin bag. Again, make sure to NOT overfill the bag or make it very thick with finer material. Next, simply fold back that half an inch of bag material so seal it. Once that folding is seal done, just press on the bag with your hand so that the plant material is more packed and flattened. To get an even better press, we recommend placing this bag that was just prepared inside another rosin bag and cutting off any excess bag material.

Separation of THCa (25μ / 15μ)

We recommend to use 25μ & 15μ rosin bags for a mechanical separation of THCa (a longer process where you separate terpene sauce and thca at low temperature and pressure.). 

Next Steps

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Pack Rosin Bags

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Using Pre-Press Molds

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Our conclusion

Definitly a worthwhile accessory! Although these inconspicuous bags appear to be of minor importance, they are indispensable for the production of high-quality rosin. We therefore recommend every prospective Rosin manufacturer to take the above advice to heart and invest in filter bags. And again many thanks to ogcrush who made the bags available for our tests and this review.

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