What causes tobacco in the Joint?

A study has finally investigated that.

Even in the Netherlands, where you can legally buy grass in coffee shops, you mix. Things are different in the USA, in Mexico or Argentina, where 90 percent of the potheads consume their grass most pure and without tobacco. But is that better or worse?

For the first time, a research team in England has now studied the interaction of tobacco and grass. At University College London (UCL), 24 subjects, all experienced stoners, were allowed to smoke four different joints: grass and tobacco, grass and a placebo such as herbal blends, tobacco and a placebo or two placebo fabrics.

If you mix cannabis with tobacco and turn it into a joint, it’s called the spliff. Spliffs are very popular in Germany, presumably to save cannabis. However, most Germans call that not Spliff but Joint what is officially wrong. Such a mixture is frowned upon in the US and Canada. Smoking cannabis mixed with tobacco gives you a different level of high-end smoking than pure cannabis. The high then enters faster and lasts less long. The high of a spliff is immediately relaxing and makes you happy.

The tobacco makes the Spliff more relaxing and makes you tired, that is also why in Germany, the belief has established that cannabis always makes you tired. The nicotine in the tobacco, more THC can be absorbed, which is not necessarily an advantage. Because of the increased THC intake, the heart beats much faster. In addition, the effect of THCs and other cannabinoids is suppressed by the nicotine, thus weakening the effect of cannabis and the intoxication is falsified. Tobacco is known to be significantly harmful to health and is associated with many diseases. e.g. COPD, lung cancer, throat cancer, asthma and diseases of the teeth and gums. Cannabis helps to combat most of these diseases, thus reducing the harmfulness of tobacco.

However, smoking without a filter increases the harmful effects of tobacco and even the best cannabis can not fully protect the body. Also, blending cannabis with tobacco greatly reduces the medicinal effect of cannabis. If you smoke splits, you inhale the smoke more deeply than with a cigarette and damage the lungs so much.

Doctor of Medicine of the Victoria Hospital, dr. Lisa Charles reported that for more than 10 years, more and more young people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease have come to her hospital. These people are only around 30 years old and have lung damage that makes a normal life unthinkable. The lung diseases come from the regular enjoyment of spliffs. Most of her patients report that he often smokes splits. For the doctor, it is clear that spliffs are the cause of many lung diseases in young people.

In conclusion, smoking cannabis flowers is the most harmful way to consume cannabis. Smoking cannabis-tobacco mixture, however, is still outrageous.

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