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10T Dabpress Review

After we have been dealing with the latest DIY extraction possibilities again and again, we of course also took a closer look at the DabPress 10 Tones press

The delivery was, well what should I say.. not exactly without problems. Our press was paid with PayPal, but not shipped the day after as promised. After some questions we were told that our package was sent. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Days later we looking for ourselves and get informed from the supplier that our package never left the warehouse and was lost. That meant to wait a bit longer … yeah and so we wait…

2 weeks later we received the press we ordered. For this we must also clearly praise the support which has taken really really nice and attentive to our concerns. As a goodie for the long wait, we have received a press mold.

The Test

Test press at about 77°C and a pressure of 0-4000 PSI with two different strains. In each case 7g were pressed in a 160um filter pack up to 3 minutes with constantly increasing pressure.



To our surprise, we achieved very good results in both of our test presses! From both strains we received more than 15% pure wax. Yes, with a higher temperature we could probably have gotten more out of it. But for us, the taste is more important than the amount of the yield itself.

Our conclusion

We can safely recommend the 10-ton DabPress without hesitation. We have the best results with 90um – 160um filter packs. If you are also in possession of this or any other Rosin Press let us know your experience in the comments.

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  1. I just ordered this very press. I’m excited. Bought a 10 Ton handpump with guage too. I ordered 90 micron mesh bags, hope that’s a good micron. I have quite a bit of crushed bud to press. Thanks for the vid bro.

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