Six top tasty Cannabis Strains

"There are hundreds of strains out there, but these six are particularly worth trying", said Addison Herron-Wheeler from High Times Magazine and presented us her top six delicious strains of all time.
From Papaya Punch to Sour Diesel Lemon Kush, there is something unique and tasty about all these amazing cannabis varieties. All of them have seriously awesome flavor profiles and are light, fluffy, and downright delicious. Plus they offer some powerful body and head highs and look just as good as they taste. Without further ado, here are some of the strains that not only have memorable effects and overall profiles, they taste great, too.

1. Sour Diesel Lemon Kush

Diesel is one of the strongest, most flavorful strains out there, but some complain that it’s a bit heady and strong to smoke. The pairing of sour Diesel and Lemon Kush is delightful, as it partners up the strong, heady energy of Sour Diesel with the soft, light, citrus taste of Lemon Kush for a strain that is truly unique. Try it in a bong or bowl, or even infused into cooking oil or butter. Available from Caliva.

2. Girl Scout Cookies

GSC is everyone’s favorite strain, and there’s a good reason. It’s a hybrid, but indica-leaning. Durban Poison on its own is powerful, sometimes too powerful, and OG Kush is almost too chill. Together, as Girl Scout Cookies, the strain is downright relaxing and euphoric. The sweet taste and high THC count is the icing on the cake-or in this case, the cookies.

3. Zkittles

This awesome, indica-dominant strain combines the best of the classic, grape strain family to create something new and downright awesome. Not only is it tropical and fruity, with a leading grape flavor instead of the typical citrus, it’s a nice, calming strain that leaves even the most anxious smokers focused and relaxed at the same time. Definitely a must for any indica fan.

4. Papaya Punch

Let this tropical treat take you far away from the dreary, winter blues with the light, fluffy, sweet flavor of paya and fruit punch combining to create an awesome taste. The fruity terps and citrus undertones pair fantastically with the clear head high. Just as good in the winter as it is on a warm, summer afternoon. Seriously one of the most unique-tasting strains out there, and one with something for everyone.

5. Island Sweet Skunk

Don’t let the name fool you! This strain is not only high-THC, it’s also high-terpene, and there’s nothing negative about the skunky taste. The modern twist on the classic Skunk strain is sweeter and lighter, so if you’re looking for the best of both worlds, check out Island Sweet Skunk. You really can’t beat the combination of flavor and effects. Definitely a must for an after-dinner smoke sesh instead of, or in addition to, dessert.

6. Dutch Cheese

This strain is delicious, and a bit of mystery. No one is completely sure where the Dutch Cheese strain comes from, only that Euforia is one of the parent strains. Of course, there’s a cheesy taste, but there’s also a tangy, fruity under-taste that makes it absolutely delightful. We can’t get enough of this one, and we highly recommend it.

Our conclusion

In the year 2021 there will be also a lot of new tastes and smells! We are already very excited and look forward to maybe introducing you to some of this or newer strains here in the blog. Many thanks to Addison and her list and the realy delicious choice she did, you can read more here.

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