Best cartridges for wax and oil in 2020

The new liquid tanks are slowly but surely making their way to Europe.

The market is currently flooded with cartridges and VapePens. The new liquid tanks are slowly but surely making their way to Europe. What can these pen-sized glass sleeves really do? Meanwhile, more and more manufacturers are switching to ceramic atomizers. It has shown that they can really handle viscous oils. All these cartridges have excellent vape performance with high viscosity extracts and oils. What’s key is the ceramic coil which was designed to be used with thick oils. The ceramic coil provides clean taste and great quality. We took a closer look at the differences in the individual models and provide you the guide for your ultimate vape experience.

Our pick

OGCrush Cartridge

We have used many other kind of “M6T like” atomizers but these ones from ogcrush never get stuck in our tests with thick oil in the chamber. It has areally nice draw resistance and airflow.

The cartridge delivers very rich and flavorful hits, quite impressive compared to most carts we’ve filled before.

The initial taste is insanely good and it stays that way without getting too clogged towards the end.

That and the low price made the difference. We are really amazed at what we get here for little money.

Best taste


The TH2 Atomizer directly from ccell provides incredible efficiency and surprising performance! As well because the tip is not plastic it stay nice and cool between puffs.

They provide superior performance when compared to a cotton wick system. The ceramic works better to absorb even thick oils, so this system is a step ahead in both vapour performance and oil efficiency.

The price was also decisive for our test, unfortunately it turns out quite high and throws this cart into second place.

Cheapest candidate


3rd place goes to the cheapest atomizer, from Cera Coil ordered from graveda. The optical TH2 replica initially offers surprisingly good performance which, however, decreases noticeably over time compared to the competition.

After several consecutive puffs, we noticed a decrease in taste. The airflow is still excellent right to the end.

Anyone who decides a cheap 0.5ml variant and does not fully utilize the cartridge will definitely get through the day here.

Last but not least


The vapor quality of the M6T cartridges is why you have probably heard of the ccell name. Their ceramic atomizer technology produces some of the most durable and pleasant vapors of any system on the market.

The size of the hits is ridiculously massive and the taste is also very good till the end. But however, we also found some cons here.

The mouthpiece is fixed, so this cartridge clearly fails in our test. After it can only be used as a disposable atomizer.

Too bad about the very high price.

Our conclusion

What to say two out of four carts met our requirements. In the end, the ogcrush product made it to the top. This shows that not only the USA can deliver good and reliable atomizers. Clear purchase recommendation from our side.

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