The Didgeribong

Imagine a pleasant woody taste meets the sweet smell of beeswax. A natural, tasteful smoking experience is guaranteed here. Of course we have to take a closer look at that beauty - The Didgeribong from Germany!
While glass bongs are great, beautiful to look at, and smooth to smoke, the material itself has one major problem: glass shatters! A night of drinking or slippery fingers while cleaning and the good piece of glass slips out of your hand and with it the investment and of course all the memories.

Such fragile and often expensive equipment is clearly not ideal for getting high, finding better options has really difficult. Acrylic bongs taste like plastic. Silicone bongs are more difficult to clean and ceramic bongs are priceless. The guys from probably thought the same and present us a really cool alternative.


The Didgeribongs

The name sounds funny at first, but it makes a lot of sense when you take a closer look at their website. They offer two different bongs the „ONE TWENTY“ and the „FIFTY“. As you can see the first model is clearly the namesake here and looks more like a didgeridoo.
Luckily we were allowed to hold the FIFTY in our hands and we were able to take a closer look at this awesome handmade collectors item.

The bong itself is 50cm high, the tube has a diameter of approx. 6cm, whereby the mouthpiece narrows it down to 4cm. There was also a really nice handmade bowl with a matching sieve and a special bio cleaner with it.

This Thing surprised us. You can immediately feel the handcraft and love in this product. Didgeribongs are made of bamboo and beeswax. It’s very light but also very durable due to its hard surface. Bamboo bongs are far more durable than their glass counterparts, able to absorb plenty of damage without being any worse for wear.

We like the FITY not only for its durability, also for its natural taste while smoking. A natural, tasty smoking experience is guaranteed here. Imagine a pleasant fresh wood taste meets the sweet smell of beeswax mixed with the taste of the herbs of your choice.

The downstem is also made of wood and fixed to the pipe. The sealing points of the individual components are very good. We could not find any cracks in the meterial or in the painting design. Thanks to the sophisticated inner seal, no water leaking while we were using it not even when we accidentally left the bong filled overnight.

And that is a point that we have to mention – the cleaning. While a normal bong would require hot water, alcohol, and thick grain salt to get back to sparkling, bamboo bongs require a different, altogether softer cleaning ritual. Due to the natural and sensible lining on the inside of most bamboo bongs, it’s important to never use hot water when cleaning. Pipe cleaners, harsh brushes, or anything that will disrupt the wax lining are also on the no-go list.

We received a special organic cleaner to clean the didgeribong without a brush. This should save the natural wood taste in the bong. Make sure that you use this cleaner after each session.

Simply fill the bong with cold water. Depending on the degree of soiling, add 5-10ml cleaner to 100ml water. Shake it, after about 10 minutes you can clean everything out with fresh water.

Our pick

Didgeribong FIFTY

The guys from take you on a journey to the origin of bong smoking.

A incomparable and pleasant woody taste, as well as the hand-shaped mouthpiece made of natural beeswax, gives you and your friends a goosebumps.

This handmade artwork is guaranteed to be missing from your bong assortment. Get them home and do your own didgeribong experience!

Our conclusion

If you’re looking for something more durable and affordable than glass, the didgeribong is worth investigating closely! For us it is clearly a must-have in every good bong collection. The good handcrafted workmanship convinced us as well as the natural taste while smoking. Only the cleaning really needs to be taken into account with this piece of jewelry, so that you can enjoy it for a long time. Thanks again to for this great product! Keep it up guys!

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