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There are many models in the market and choosing the best one becomes a challenge, in this review, we have done some detailed research and come up with the Top 3 Pre Press Molds in 2020 for you. Mostly made of 100% aluminum construction this molds are designed to fit for the rosin bags perfectly. Innovative design utilizes magnets to hold mold parts together and much more. We were able to determine different bag sizes between the individual manufacturers. We always recommend using the press bags belonging to the mold manufacturers. All the tested molds can be used with hand pressure, an Arbor Press or in the Rosin Press directly. We take a closer look.

Why to pre-press?

Pre-press mold will allow you to compact kief or flower so that you can press more rosin in less time. They are going to help to reduce blowouts and improve your yields. Pre-press mold is very beneficial for rosin enthusiasts when it comes to yield and time. By using pre-press mold, you can compress loose materials and make a perfectly shaped ‘puck’ that fits in your rosin bag. You can also use arbor press or Irwin clamp for better pressure. 

Pre-press molds are the ideal solution to help you reduce blowouts and allow you to fit more material into your rosin bag without sacrificing quality or yields. Pre-Press Rosin Molds will decrease production time and increase the ROI of your Pikes Peak rosin press by making filling bags perfectly much quicker.

The usage of the pre-press molds is pretty easy. Simply fill up your mold to the upper edge (depending on the size). We got good results with around 3g – 4g while using the molds. For comparison, we filled the same amount each time. With a little hand pressure, a perfect rosin coin is formed at the end. We have also created detailed instructions how to pack your bags correctly.

We were able to fill the pre-press mold from ogcrush with up to 6 gramm of flowers (using the bottle-tech style). The compacted material moves around less inside the bag when pressed reducing blowouts. With reduced blowouts you are able to track your yields more accurately. In our test, we got around 0.5g yield from 3.5g flowers using 25micron bags in a 10T Dabpress with 1200PSI pressure about 2min.

Our pick

PrePress Cylinder

The cylinder rosin puck maker from ogcrush is made of high-quality Food Grade Stainless Steel making it robust and durable. It comes in three pieces design, and when using it, you just need to load the press, insert the included hammer nail and then Strike it using your hand or your press. Easy to use, quick and neat preparation of buds for pressing 3.5g – 7g flowers. Also works great with the Press Bags.

We have to best results with a 3.5g load.


DabPress Mold

This pre-press mold from dabpress comes with an affordable price (currently get two for one). It is anodized into silver color, making it have a clean and smooth surface. It is recommended to use arbor press or Irwin clamp for better pressure.

A big disadvantage, bottle-tech filling is not possible. Sufficient space on the press plates must also be available. Thanks to the good price, this candidate falls on 2nd place in our test.

Big Boy

Graveda Pre Press

The Graveda Prepress is a customer-specific pre-press that has been perfectly matched to the size of bigger rosin bags. The shape is a simple but effective way to quickly compact your material so that it can be easily inserted into the bags before pressing.

But bigger is not always better, unfortunately this also applies here. You will receive a big coin that fits in the manufacturers bag, but not really in all others. So be sure you have large press plates.

Our conclusion

The list above are the top 3 Best Pre Press Molds in 2020. We are very satisfied with the pre-press mold from ogcrush, but they all are made using high-quality materials for durability and increase the ROI of your rosin press machine by making filling bags perfectly much quicker. Besides that, the blocks have beautiful appearance, require easy maintenance, and are easy to put in and out. Go through each of the products above and choose one that meets your needs.

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