Prix D’Ami

Prix D’Ami is the largest coffee shop in the world! Located in a very attractive part of the city, only 2 minutes walk from the Central Station and in the vicinity of Amsterdam’s most visited museums and attractions. The local has up to 500 seats, 5 smoking areas, a cinema room and 36 flat screens hanging throughout the building, making watching football matches easy and exciting for the guests. The kitchen offers an excellent menu with wide variety of choices! And not only that. The food here is top quality, kept in excellent conditions, always fresh, carefully cooked and inexplicably delicious!

Customer focus

Very good Quality 100%
Rather expensive 50%
Very good public access 100%
Nice & helpful 75%

My opinion

Definitely worth a visit! But take your time, the shop is completely overcrowded and a queue forms out on the street. BTW… They also have Bongs!

Location Information

Haringpakkerssteeg 3, 1012 LR Amsterdam, Niederlande

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