The Grass Company

Eat and smoke cafes get their name from the stylish and professional hospitality approach. Everybody feels welcome. What is important in life? To enjoy. Casual, preferably with friends. Maybe play a game. Good food. Fine drinks. Just relaxing and get away from daily life. No worries. This only can be done at a fine spot. The Grass Company offers this carefree feeling. Our staff contribute to this moment that you dearly need. Of course you could smoke or eat something that give you that lift you desire, or you could chill without.

Customer focus

Ok 75%
Normal 50%
Very good public access 100%
Very nice & helpful 100%

My opinion

I’ve been to Tilburg’s Grass Company more often and have always been happy. Nice staff and good quality. Dont forget your Personal ID!

Location Information

Spoorlaan 360, 5038 CD Tilburg, Niederlande

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